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Time for clarity and fair distribution of royalties

There is no doubt that the evolution of online digital content distribution over the past two decades has enabled a Global audience to access an immense range of  Music, Film and TV, Gaming, photography and all forms of literary creativity. The enormous scale of this new accessibility has given the mega-corporations who deliver the content an unreasonable level of power and as a consequence, we are forced to endure  an unacceptable level of complexity in the administration of creators’ rights and management of their royalties.  This has disadvantaged the entire copyright community.

It is therefore crucial for the future health of the creative industries that clever technology is developed to align the commercial interests of  Digital Service Providers and  copyright owners . They all  desperately need  a   simple-to-use,  fast and fair ecosystem enabling them  to track, understand and manage their revenues efficiently and transparently.

CopyrightCoins (“CCIM”) is the trademarked cryptocurrency created  for the payment of royalties for all current and future ecosystems of online digital content, including music (works and recording), photo, video, articles, design, 3d printing, videogame content and even UGC (User Generated Content.

The golden age for royalty payments

Core team

  • Thor Pettersen</br><noscript><img src=
    Thor Pettersen
    Founder and CTO
  • Dick Nyvall </br><noscript><img src=
    Dick Nyvall
    Program Manager
  • Thibault Verbiest </br><noscript><img src=
    Thibault Verbiest
    Secretary General
  • William Sehlin </br><noscript><img src=
    William Sehlin
    Sales and marketing
  • Ossian Veronese </br><noscript><img src=
    Ossian Veronese
    Design and marketing


  • Guy Fletcher, OBE </br><noscript><img src=
    Guy Fletcher, OBE
    Co-founder Internet Music
  • Nick Kounoupias </br><noscript><img src=
    Nick Kounoupias
    IP and Copyright
  • Richard Platt </br><noscript><img src=
    Richard Platt
    Video and Film director