CopyrightCoins - The currency of royalties!

CopyrightCoins public ICO will take place the 1st of July 2018

Public presale

has started!

What we are seeing:


The digital disruption of content industries such as music, film, photography, gaming and writing is providing authors with a global audience


However, this hasn’t always translated to increased profits, and has made it increasingly complex for online copyright owners to track, record and understand their income.

A broken system

Depending on the industry, it has also led to highly delayed payments, sometimes up to 3 years after a content has being paid for by the end-user.

Introducing CopyrightCoins (CCIM):


The CopyrightCoins (CCIM) the currency of royalties!

“CCIM” stands for “CopyrightCoins of Internet Media”and roman numerals: 1199.

CopyrightCoins is a blockchain-enabled currency built to facilitate the payment of royalties without an intermediary.

The cryptocurrency is built, managed and controlled within the New Internet Media closed ecosystem.

Pre-sale offer:


At its pre-sale stage (today and until 1st July 2018), any purchase of CCIM is granted a discount.

Time to Public ICO and Crowdsale