The Currency of Royalties

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Time for clarity and fair distribution of royalties

The digital disruption of content industries such as music, film, photography, gaming and writing is providing authors with a global audience. But this doesn’t always translate to increased profits for industry participants, and it has made it increasingly complex for copyright owners to track, record and understand their income.

It is long overdue that a clever technology is used for a greater purpose: that of aligning interests and ambitions across content industries within an easy to use, fast and fair ecosystem. And it is long overdue to put the power back into the hands of copyright owners.

CopyrightCoins (“CCIM”) is the trademarked cryptocurrency used for the payment of royalties for all current and future ecosystems of online digital content, including music (works and recording), photo, video, articles, design, 3d printing, videogame content and even UGC (User Generated Content).

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The golden age for royalty payments

Pre-sale and ICO

30,000,000 CCIM are in pre-sale. Current distribution:

13,737,795.0000 CCIM

Time to public ICO of 150,000,000 CCIM

Where we come from, where we're going

  1. Ideation

    May 1st, 2013

    Since 2013 our founder has been looking into using the blockchain to facilitate payments in the music industry.
    From there, the technology has been built and the business model expanded to cover all content industries

  2. First supporters

    March 9th, 2014
    A business model is found, defined and refined, and the core team is put together.
    The POC is completed and being transferred to Alpha version(s)
    The first partnerships (technical and business) are discussed and aligned towards the next phase of the plan: Going public.
  3. Going public

    February 4th, 2018
    Since the beginning of the year, the project is out of stealth. We’re talking to industry participants, we’re gathering feedback and implementing it, and we’re making all the deep changes needed.
    We’ve officially closed the Friends & Family pre-sale of CCIM and we open the pre-sale to the public on 1 March.

    All focus is now on the ICO.

  4. ICO and partnerships

    July 1st, 2018
    The public ICO will be launched on 1st July 2018.
    The ICO will finance the adaptation of the POC to each content industry, starting with music and articles and images.
    The core team will expand and dedicated teams will be created for each content industry, building the best business models and partnerships to make more money, faster, to copyright owners.
  5. Commercial launch

    June 2nd, 2019
    With each new team being structure and each business model implemented, based on the CopyrightChain technology.

Core team

  • Thor Pettersen</br><noscript><img src=
    Thor Pettersen
    Founder and CTO
  • Dick Nyvall </br><noscript><img src=
    Dick Nyvall
    Program Manager
  • Thibault Verbiest </br><noscript><img src=
    Thibault Verbiest
    Secretary General
  • Audrey Bénichou-Malka </br><noscript><img src=
    Audrey Bénichou-Malka
    Head of Marketing


  • Guy Fletcher, OBE </br><noscript><img src=
    Guy Fletcher, OBE
    Co-founder Internet Music
  • Nick Kounoupias </br><noscript><img src=
    Nick Kounoupias
    IP and Copyright
  • Richard Platt </br><noscript><img src=
    Richard Platt
    Video and Film director

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