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CopyrightCoins® and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin has become the symbol of cryptocurrencies, and it has just (per 8th January 2021) crossed the $40K mark (at 09:30 ECT $40,555.80).

The pressure to buy is so great at the moment that it seems difficult to imagine the start of the great correction of 30 to 40% that usually follows this type of Bull Run for Bitcoin. Even if this correction were to take place, the price of Bitcoin would still be above $25K given the price it has just reached.

More importantly for CopyrightCoins® and the NIM services, crypto is getting a lot of attention and positive publicity since 2018/2019. At the heart of this is the endless monetary inflation of the US dollar.

Faced with the great monetary inflation that we have been experiencing since March 2020, all institutional investors have been looking for a solution to protect themselves.

On the basis of ONLY leasing of copyrights with associated royalties income AND all administration rights are exclusive to NIM the following is suggested:

  1. Valuation is Net Publisher Share minus 15% or the Cash flow method minus 20%.
  2. The leasing period is a minimum of 3 years and maximum of 25 years (3,5,10,15,20,25)
  3. The brokerage fee for Copyrights trade is 5% per year from the royalties income.

Example: A catalogue has a historic value of €200 000 per year. The copyright owner(s) will lease 50% of royalties stream. Investment is €85 000 x 10 years (15%) total €850 000 (NB! leased not bought) Payout to Copyrights owner is minimum €760 000 (depending on brokerage involvement) Since "Copyright trade" is getting a commission in royalties, efficient royalties collecting and marketing is a major part of "Copyright trade" Investors will invest another €25 000 in marketing boosting royalties income with 25% per year. In addition to another (average) boost of 40% due to NIMs technology and nano-payments

The copyright owner(s) will benefit with €850 000 cash flow for 5% less in traditional royalties income (20% (40%/2) and marketing boost of 25% of pre-leasing royalties flow)(simplified) The Investor will befit with a Return on Investment of 45% (simplified)

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