CopyrightCoins® (Registered Trademark)
Ticker                                       CCIM
Base price in EUR                 € 1.00

General information
Name                                 CopyrightCoins®

The currency of royalties

CopyrightCoins® NOT allocated OR in circulation!
Total CopyrightCoins® minted : 1,000,000,000 (reissuable)
CopyrightCoins  Frozen and Burned (deleted): 8,500,002
Total reserved Copyright Owners : 699,998,000
Reserved for a potential public offering: 149,999,972 (Initial DEX Offering)
Total Original Founders: 2,459,985
CopyrightCoins® (pre-sale, bounty and bonuses) : 14,148,480

Available for advisors and strategic partners:
CopyrightCoins® (starting @ 0,40€) : 58,995,358

CopyrightCoins® total allocated and in circulation, including founders
CopyrightCoins®: 65,898,203 (6.59%)

Fun Fact:
The ticker CCIM is short for “Copyright Coins® of Internet Media.” and roman numerals: 11 and 99 (Chinese lucky numbers)