The Currency of Royalties

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Time for clarity and fair distribution of royalties

There is no doubt that the evolution of online digital content distribution over the past two decades has enabled a Global audience to access an immense range of  Music, Film and TV, Gaming, photography and all forms of literary creativity. The enormous scale of this new accessibility has given the mega-corporations who deliver the content an unreasonable level of power and as a consequence, we are forced to endure  an unacceptable level of complexity in the administration of creators’ rights and management of their royalties.  This has disadvantaged the entire copyright community.

It is therefore crucial for the future health of the creative industries that clever technology is developed to align the commercial interests of  Digital Service Providers and  copyright owners . They all  desperately need  a   simple-to-use,  fast and fair ecosystem enabling them  to track, understand and manage their revenues efficiently and transparently.

CopyrightCoins (“CCIM”) is the trademarked cryptocurrency created  for the payment of royalties for all current and future ecosystems of online digital content, including music (works and recording), photo, video, articles, design, 3d printing, videogame content and even UGC (User Generated Content.

The golden age for royalty payments

The Crowdsale is ongoing

A total of 25 billion CopyrightCoins have been created, of which 1 billion CopyrightCoins are made public. The remaining 24 billion are under escrow at Internet Media Copyright Association (IMCA). The governance of this escrow account (including release of additional CCIM to the market) is managed by CopyrightCoins owners via a voting system. More details are available in our support services and  on IMCA’s website.

The 1 bn CopyrightCoins made publicly available have two main users: copyright owners and the general public. 700 million CopyrightCoins have been ring-fenced for advances made to copyright owners (details in the white paper), convert to Fiat on exchanges (by selling to the market) as they see fit. The remaining 300 million CopyrightCoins are made available in four ways:

  • Sold as part of the Pre-sale (30 million CopyrightCoins) – unsold coins are ring-fenced for the bounty and bonus program – more details coming soon
  • Sold as part of the ICO (150 million CopyrightCoins)
  • Exchanged for services from Advisors/strategic partners (100 million CopyrightCoins)
  • Exchanged for services from the core team (20 million CopyrightCoins)

At the ICO, CopyrightCoins will be sold to the general public at the price of 1 Euro per CopyrightCoins.  Note that early supporters, including the core team, pre-sale investors and advisors, have benefited from a gradual discount of CopyrightCoins to the Euro starting at 99% (where 1 CopyrightCoins = 0.01 Euro).

Where we come from, where we're going

  1. Ideation

    May 1st, 2013
    Since 2013 the founder Thor Pettersen has been looking into using the blockchain to facilitate payments in the music industry.
    From there, the technology has been built and the business model expanded to cover all content industries

  2. First supporters

    September 27th, 2014
    A business model is found, defined and refined, and the core team is put together.
    The POC is completed and being transferred to Alpha version(s)
    The first partnerships (technical and business) are discussed and aligned towards the next phase of the plan: Going public.


  3. The official lunch (in stealth)

    December 21st, 2014
    As the days finally started to grow a bit lighter the first Internet Media blockchain was created on Eris and testing started to create immutable registration of licensing.


  4. Slowly coming out of stealth

    January 1st, 2017
    Since the beginning of the year, the project is out of stealth. We’re talking to industry participants, we’re gathering feedback and implementing it, and we’re making all the deep changes needed.
    We’ve officially closed the Friends & Family pre-sale of CCIM and we open the pre-sale to the public on 1 March.

    All focus is now on the ICO.

  5. Feedback from the Estonian finance Inspection

    September 15th, 2017
    CopyrightCoins is not regarded as a financial instrument and the Exchange service is not regarded as a payment service…


  6. ICO and partnerships

    July 1st, 2018
    The public ICO is launched on 1st July 2018.
    The ICO will finance the adaptation to each content industry, starting with music and articles and images.
    The core team will expand and dedicated teams will be created for each content industry, building the best business models and partnerships to make more money, faster, to copyright owners.

  7. IPO and ETO

    September 1st, 2018
    EQUITY TOKEN OFFERING (ETO) is a novel way of fundraising, which allows any kind of company (blockchain-based or not) to issue equity tokens on the Blockchain, in a public or private placement. Equity Tokens guarantee crucial equity-like rights for the investors and the issuers. Legally, Neufund’s Equity Tokens are securities structured as Vermögensanlagen (“Investment Assets”). The offering is subject to the German Banking Act (KWG) and the Investment Asset Act (VermAnlG). ETOs can be conducted by any incorporated entity worldwide, however at the moment the platform does not accept companies incorporated in the USA, due to regulatory uncertainty in America.


  8. Commercial launch

    July 1st, 2019
    With each new team being structure and each business model implemented, based on the CopyrightChains technology.

Core team

  • Thor Pettersen</br><noscript><img src=
    Thor Pettersen Founder and CTO
  • Dick Nyvall </br><noscript><img src=
    Dick Nyvall Program Manager
  • Thibault Verbiest </br><noscript><img src=
    Thibault Verbiest Secretary General
  • William Sehlin </br><noscript><img src=
    William Sehlin Sales and marketing
  • Ossian Veronese <br><noscript><img src=
    Ossian Veronese
    Design and marketing


  • Guy Fletcher, OBE </br><noscript><img src=
    Guy Fletcher, OBE Co-founder Internet Music
  • Nick Kounoupias </br><noscript><img src=
    Nick Kounoupias IP and Copyright
  • Richard Platt </br><noscript><img src=
    Richard Platt Video and Film director