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CopyrightCoins (CCIM)

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“CCIM” stands for “CopyrightCoins of Internet Media”.


CCIM and its ecosystem are here to provide more money, faster, to all online copyright owners, without an intermediary. It’s a blockchain-enabled crypto-currency built, managed and controlled within our closed ecosystem, and it cannot be mined publicly.

CCIM evolves within a decentralised, secure and immutable ecosystem. With our in-house tokenised nano-payment system, it guarantees the near-instant payment of royalties at drastically reduced management fees. With our distributed ledger technology, single streams are licensed – accurate reporting is automatic.


Regardless of the online content being paid for, the premise is simple:

1 click = 1 licence = 1 payment

As for now, you still can purchase CCIM with fiat currency, therefore we are delivering redemption codes. A redemption code is your right to redeem the CopyrightCoins purchased at today’s discount when the wallet of CopyrightCoins will be available. We will send you a manual on how to redeem your redemption code as soon as the platform is ready.
We are currently building the ECR20 tokens and as soon as these are ready CCIM will be only purchasable with Ethereum (ETH).

CCIM token economics

A total of 25 billion CCIM have been created, of which 1 billion CCIM are made public. The remaining 24 billion are under escrow at Internet Media Copyright Association (IMCA). The governance of this escrow account (including release of additional CCIM to the market) is managed by CCIM owners via a voting system. More details are available on IMCA’s website.

The 1 bn CCIM made publicly available have two main users: copyright owners and the general public. 700 million CCIM have been ring-fenced for advances made to copyright owners (details in the white paper), convert to Fiat on exchanges (by selling to the market) as they see fit. The remaining 300 million CCIM are made available in four ways:

  • Sold as part of the Pre-sale (30 million CCIM) – unsold coins are ring-fenced for the bounty and bonus program – more details coming soon
  • Sold as part of the ICO (150 million CCIM)
  • Exchanged for services from Advisors/strategic partners (100 million CCIM)
  • Exchanged for services from the core team (20 million CCIM)

At the ICO, CCIM will be sold to the general public at the price of 1 Euro per CCIM. Until then, the pre-sale is open with discount (see today’s discount above). Note that early supporters, including the core team, pre-sale investors and advisors, have benefited from a gradual discount of CCIM to the Euro starting at 99% (where 1 CCIM = 0.01 Euro).