March 1, 2018
For immediate release

In the last of the unregulated industries where money laundering and financing of terrorism is rampant, can CopyrightCoins tear the problem open and rebuild them anew?

CopyrightCoins (“CCIM”), “The Currency of Royalties,” launches public pre-sale on March 1st; ICO & Crowdsale planned for July 1st, 2018.

Did you know: Besides drugs, copyrighted content (art, music, video etc.) is the last and largest unregulated market today. Award Winning films like “The Mona Lisa curse” and “Looking for Sugarman” have tried to draw attention to the problem, but are fighting very powerful interests. In the music industry alone there are an estimated $7bn (commonly referred to as “the black box”) that are not reaching the copyright owners and creators each year!

The little royalties that are paid go through many intermediaries each taking a non-negligible piece of the pie. Even organizations representing the creative owners and rightfully receivers of royalties have Non-Disclosure Agreements with Digital Service Providers (= digital content retailers) that prohibit disclosure of the terms in a contract they have entered on behalf of their members. We are all aware now how that created an unfair system in which copyright owners don’t receive their fair share of royalty revenue.

Copyrights are a hot item in the news lately. If you’ve read the newspaper this month alone, you would know that Oscar contender “The Shape of Water” faces a copyright violation lawsuit, Disney just lost its big copyright case with Redbox, and the entire nation of South Africa is captivated by a case involving a photograph of Nelson Mandela.

CopyrightCoins are a blockchain-enabled currency built to facilitate the payment of royalties without an intermediary. Compared to traditional means, CopyrightCoins are faster, more accurate, and has reporting capabilities fit for the digital age. The current systems, depending on the industry, can take up to 3 years to issue payment – with a loss up to 70% from transactional costs – to be taken as a loss for the creator.

CopyrightCoins ICO will launch July 2018. We have more than 70% of the tech ready as of March 2018 pre-sale. The cryptocurrency is built, managed and controlled entirely within the New Internet Media closed ecosystem. A white paper is released on the website in conjunction with this PR release.

CopyrightCoins solve these very real problems – bringing speed, accuracy, and fairness to the world of royalties – a world that desperately needs and deserves a technology-driven reboot.

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