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New Internet Media

More money, faster - to Copyright owners...

New Internet Media (NIM) supports an ecosystem of companies
– rebooting rights administration for digital content.
The ecosystem is built upon the CopyrightChains blockchain services and its cryptocurrency CopyrightCoins, removing intermediaries and making nano-payments possible.

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Open CopyrightID
Open CopyrightShares
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Open CopyrightCoins

This is NOT a demo.
Real money is used!

Buy Music Now!

CopyrightCoins (CCIM)
This live demo performs the following:

  1. Checks that you have enought CopyrightCoins ( ) to pay for the Copyright!
  2. Checks that the Copyright is registered with the CopyrightChains
  3. Checks that the DSP (Digital Service Provider) has enough CCIM to pay for the license
  4. Checks the CopyrightShares based upon CopyrightID to transfer the royalties correctly
  5. Receives the CCIM from the DSP on behalf of the Copyright owners.
  6. Transfer the royalties to the Copyright owners based upon the CopyrightShares split.
  7. Calls Bob and ask if his is your uncle!
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The Big Black Box

There have been calls for streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music to switch to user-centric systems, partly because it will be a very good thing for songwriters (it will also be a good thing for smaller artists and labels), and (recently) because it might help tackle stream-fraud.

New Internet Media supports all 3 licensing models through our
White Label Content Mesh (WLCM) service…

1 click - 1 license - 1 payment

For each click/stream/view the Copyright owner(s) receives instantly a royalty payment

One license one Payment

User centric subscription

For each play the Copyright owner(s) is recorded for royalty payment end of subscription period

User centric subscription
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Service centric subscription

Each play is recorded for royalty payment into a big black hole haphazardly paid at each subscription period

Service centric subscription

Motion 2018/19:998

Registrering av och handel med upphovsrätt och immateriella rättigheter i Sverige

Förslag till riksdagsbeslut

  1. Riksdagen ställer sig bakom det som anförs i motionen om en åtgärdsplan för att komma till rätta med bristande upphovsrättsregistrering av digitalt innehåll och tillkännager detta för regeringen.
  2. Riksdagen ställer sig bakom det som anförs i motionen om att överväga att en upphovsrättsregistrering utförs under reglering av de svenska myndigheterna i likhet med befintlig företagsregistrering och handel med företagsaktier och tillkännager detta för regeringen.
English Version
Sofia and Guy
Guy and Thor